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APA Citation Style (7th edition)

Please note the running head is optional in a student paper. Check with your instructor to see if it's a requirement.

Inserting the Running Head

How to insert a running head and page number for APA papers in Word 2016

When APA format requires a running head at the top of the first page the following instructions will work.  These instructions assume you are adding the running head to a completed paper (or one that has at least 2 existing pages).

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Insert tab on the toolbar.
  2. In Header & Footer click on Header then click on Blank.
  3. On the first (title) page of your paper at the left margin type: ABBREVIATED TITLE IN UPPER CASE
  4. Tab once or twice to right margin. Click Page number then click Current position then click Plain number
  5. Close the Header & Footer.