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APA Citation Style (7th edition)

Course pack, custom ed.

Course packs - Reproduced Articles or Book Chapters (APA Style Blog

  • If the articles in the course pack are reproduced from another widely available source without any changes cite that source directly, e.g. cite the journal article like a regular journal article or book chapter like a regular book chapter.

Course Packs - Original material (10.3 example 38-49 APA Publication ManualFor original material in a course pack, follow the format for Chapters in an edited book.

  • Use the course instructor name as the author (unless another original material author is indicated). 
  • If the author of the course pack material is unknown, move the title of the material to the author position of the reference. 
  • Use the course instructor name as the editor.
  • When the course instructor is also the author of the material, the name of the instructor appears twice as both author and editor.
  • If the instructor's name is not given, use the department as the editor.
  • Use the bookstore as the publisher and the date the course pack was issued as the date of publication.
  • If there is no date of issue, use the current semester and year for the date of publication.
Reference Example

McCrodan, P. (2010). Introductory notes. In P. McCrodan (Ed.), Health 110: Health in today’s world. Course package: Fall 2010-Winter/Spring 2011, (pp. 35-40). Camosun College Bookstore. 

In-text Example

  • Some course packs are paginated continuously.
  • Some only include page numbers found on the original work.

(McCrodan, 2010, p.35)


Custom edition (Sec. 7.02 APA Publication Manual)

  • For a custom edition book, the edition would be included as (Camosun College ed.) and placed immediately after the book title.
Reference Example

Lussier, R.N. & Achua, C.F. (2012). Leadership (Camosun College 4th ed.). Nelson Education.


(Lussier & Achua, 2012, p.37)