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Camosun Creates...2014

A President's Fund event celebrating Camosun creativity

Marla Weston

Marla Weston, PhD, Computer Science department


Marla has been a part-time instructor with Camosun College for more than 20 years. During that time she has been Chair of the Computer Science department, developed several new courses and taught many others particularly in the area of database management, project management and systems analysis. Marla remains part-time at the College so that she can continue consulting in the public and private sectors: "I feel it critical to practice what I teach, and then bring back that practical experience to the classroom."

However, students also have a lot to share. She feels she continues to learn from the experiences and fresh perspectives the students bring to her classes. In addition to consulting work and Camosun teaching activities, Marla has been working with Aboriginal learners in the community through a project called ANCESTOR - Aboriginal Computer Education through Storytelling. This work has been supported by grants from the federal government (NSERC Promoscience), and provincial government (BC Campus).

Published works