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Camosun Creates...2014

A President's Fund event celebrating Camosun creativity

Deanna Graham, Student Services department


Local product; only parent to ten-year-old, creative, humorous, intelligent son, Willem. Deanna graduated from Camosun’s ACP program in 1987 and has been employed at Camosun since 1991. She has a determination to challenge, seed and establish new concepts and efficiencies, from financial aid province-wide software innovations to calendar and web publications.

While painting is one art medium she (sometimes) enjoy, her true artistic passion is found in figurative sculpture, for its earthy and tactile grounding qualities to its ability to capture, like photography, a human instant in time. She also enjoys writing, and is considering creating a social comment blog addressing local activities, providing ample editorial comment, observations, and humour, in a Jim Hume/Raeside meets BBC practical sense kind of way. Practical tips for critical thinking from the perspective of a Gen-X’er.


Painting: Untitled

Painting of middle-aged African woman with medicine leaf, tribal scars, and gold earring. Subject evokes conflict between women’s traditional and modern realities. Original influence, National Geographic, with artist interpretation.