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Camosun Creates...2014

A President's Fund event celebrating Camosun creativity

Kathy Tarnai-Lokhorst

Kathy Tarnai-Lokhorst, Engineering department (Mech)


Kathy has been at the college on and off since 1994, teaching in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology.  Over the years, she has held a variety of non-teaching roles at Camosun, including Engineering Bridge Program Coordinator, Co-op & Internship Coordinator (T&T CIC), and MET Department Chair.  In addition to teaching, Kathy is a licensed Professional Engineer.

During her off-hours, she is a mother of three and a semi-professional singer/songwriter, composing and performing soft jazz and soft rock around town. The group Kadabra, is influenced by several great artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, Sting, Carole King, the Carpenters, KD Lang, the Eurythmics, and Elton John.




Finding myself (one of an 8 song compilation available at Requires Flash.