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Camosun Creates...2014

A President's Fund event celebrating Camosun creativity

Lynda McLeod, Nursing department


Since the beginning of her nursing practice Lynda has always used art as a reflective process to help her make sense of the experiences she encountered as a nurse. In fact, she attributes the process of art as the only reason she's still involved in nursing. Being a highly sensitive, artistic, creative, person, she found some of her nursing experiences, mainly bearing witness, difficult to unravel. A founder of Art by Nurses, she is now a creativity/life coach (her website: Create With Lynda) who is passionate about opening up human potential, mainly our right brain, as we all strive to develop this beautiful resource that is essential for our survival.

Lynda was recently profiled in an article in Canadian Nurse 2013 Jan; 109 (1): 34-5Creative expression in abundance

Painting: The Only One

This painting was inspired by the person l painted. For over 30 years she put her heart and soul into teaching the next generation of nurse leaders/healers. Her creative mind was always busy prepping. She constantly encouraged me to teach from a creative place and to pursuit my art. It was a privilege painting her portrait. Phyllis was thrilled to be featured at a conference in Chicago I was asked to speak at. I am excited that her portrait will be hanging in the Royal Jubilee Hospital in January 2014 as part of the 4th Art by Nurses Healing Hallways exhibits titled “Healers”. It seems fitting to me that she will be looking back at all the nurses she taught.--- Lynda, 2013