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Implementing Academic Accommodations

A guide for course instructors/departments/schools on implementing common academic accommodations in post secondary

Specialized Notetaker in Class Accommodation

What is a specialized notetaker?

A specialized notetaker typically takes notes for a student who is unable to take notes due to a substantial physical barrier to hand writing (e.g. quadriplegia, cerebral palsy or other disability substantially affecting motor control) or for a student without functional sight for whom the course content is not amenable to taking notes on an electronic notetaking device.

Specialized notetakers typically are arranged between the student and the Centre for Accessible Learning and do not require the instructor to reach out for volunteers as in peer notesharing.

In the case of notetaking for a student without sight, a visual access assistant may provide the notetaking service. In the other cases above, an Educational Attendant may provide the notetaking service.