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Implementing Academic Accommodations

A guide for course instructors/departments/schools on implementing common academic accommodations in post secondary

Extended Exam Durations Accommodation

Extra time on tests, quizzes and exams (timed, graded evaluations where a student is in a closed environment where they cannot leave) is a common academic accommodation. Additional time gives students with barriers to speed and fluency in reading or writing or with affects on stamina or concentration, the extra time they need to demonstrate what they know.

Who Receives this Accommodation?

Extra time can be used to address a number of barriers that students with disabilities experience, including:

  • Reading or information processing disabilities; who require more time to read and comprehend exam questions
  • Written expression disabilities; who require more time to formulate and convey their responses
  • Mental health disabilities; who need additional time to use strategies for self-management, such as calming or breathing techniques
  • Chronic pain, concussions, or other physical disabilities where pain may slow cognition and focus
  • Attention deficits, concussions, or disabilities affecting sensory integration which may interfere with concentration and focus
  • Vision loss requiring the use of adaptive technology or individualized support (e.g., reader or scribe) to access exam content and/or communicate their responses
  • Medical needs requiring monitoring such as blood sugar levels or pain
  • Substantial temporary injuries, such as hand or arm injuries, where graphomotor abilities may be hampered

Extending Exam Durations in D2L

Online tests or exams through D2L or other digital platforms are administered directly by instructors. Instructors are the only ones who have access to set the length of exams for their students, even though some students may write these exams with CAL.

If your students are writing D2L tests and need extended time to complete, please follow these instructions to extend their time: Setting up Special Access in a Quiz - D2L Tutorial

For further information contact CETL's eLearning support.