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Implementing Academic Accommodations

A guide for course instructors/departments/schools on implementing common academic accommodations in post secondary

Spell Check in Exams Accommodation

Who has an accommodation for spelling?

Students with a disability that impacts spelling accuracy (for example as documented in a psycho-educational assessment) may be eligible to use a word processor with spell check for exams.

My course involves assessing spelling of specific terminology

If essential course requirements include spelling accuracy, this accommodation should not be allowed. For example, courses such as French and Russian may be teaching language skills such as spelling and grammar. In this case, access to the spell check function would compromise the essential course requirements. Human Anatomy and Health Education courses may also include essential course requirements for spelling accuracy (i.e. students are evaluated on their ability to accurately spell anatomical and/or medical terminology.)

Things to Do and Consider

What You can Do

Determine essential course requirements and how these are reflected in each exam for the course

Where spell check would compromise essential course requirements:

  • communicate this to your student(s) as soon as possible
  • contact when submitting exam details to communicate which exams in your course will NOT permit spell check