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Implementing Academic Accommodations

A guide for course instructors/departments/schools on implementing common academic accommodations in post secondary

Peer Notesharer Accommodation

Does your student have a notesharing accommodation?

If your student has a notesharing accommodation, you may be asked to play a role in the implementation.

The student's Faculty Notification (academic accommodation) letter will list a notesharing accommodation:

Implementing a notesharing accommodation

Your student may ask you to find a volunteer notesharer from the class. You can do this in a number of different ways. For example, make an announcement in class asking that any notesharing volunteers speak to you after class, or approach a student who you know will take good notes or that you know is seeking out volunteer opportunities. When a volunteer is identified, please connect notetakee and notesharer in a manner that respects confidentiality (i.e. in a manner that does not disclose personal info to the broader class).

If a peer notesharer cannot be found

When a notesharer cannot be found permit your student to audio record as an alternative method of obtaining the same level of information as the rest of the students in your class.


For questions pertaining to the notesharing accommodation and your role, please contact the CAL Instructor listed on your student's Faculty Notification letter.