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Access (Accommodation) Services and Academic Success Services - Students with Disabilities

Roles and Scopes of Access and Academic Success Services for Students with Disabilities

Visual Access Assistant

Visual Access Assistant:

  • Describes visual-only presented material during classroom activities
  • Review/reading of visual-only material or concepts from readings and assignments
  • Assisting with preparation and review of highly visual, sequence and format specific materials (i.e. citations)
  • Assistance completing the visual-only portions of lab experiments, studio or shops activities to assist the student to interact with materials, instruments, tools, etc.
  • Depending on the style, structure and content expectations in a course, visual access assistants will need access to attending the course (in person or virtually for online courses)

Visual Access Assistants can be retained privately by the student and funded through government grants for students with permanent disabilities. In some cases they are hired by the Centre for Accessible Learning to provide these supports.