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Implementing Academic Accommodations

A guide for course instructors/departments/schools on implementing common academic accommodations in post secondary

Extending Time for In-Class Academic Tasks Accommodation

What do I do if I have evaluation in the classroom under timed conditions?

There may be evaluation of academic tasks or components of those in the classroom which are timed.

Where not practical in the classroom to apply, but where aspects could be completed with invigilation under timed conditions with additional time, CAL encourages course instructors with students with extra time accommodations to complete those portions of evaluation (e.g. lab write ups or written portions of in-class assignments) with CAL in a manner similar to a test or exam with CAL. Those can be booked with CAL like any test or exam booking provided enough notice is given.

CAL welcomes course instructors reaching out proactively to discuss options for scheduling these with CAL to