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Chicago Style Guide - 17th Edition

Title Page

The Chicago citation style requires the authors of research papers to include a title page. Alternatively, authors can include the title on the first page of the paper's text; however, most instructors using Chicago style will request a full title page. If you are unsure about which format to use, check with your instructor. 

On the title page you should include:

  • The title of your paper (centered and placed approximately one third of the way down the page)
  • Your name as author of the paper (centered, following below the title by several lines)
  • The course title (centered, located below your name)
  • The course instructor's name (centered, below the course title)
  • The date (centered, below the instructor's name)

Purdue OWL has created a sample paper in Chicago style which can be helpful to look at. Looking at this sample title page you may notice that the instructor name has not been includedThe exact formatting for Chicago style research paper title pages can vary. If in doubt, check with your professor!

Sample Title Page














Greg Harrington
Anthropology 240: Archeological Method and Theory

Professor Kanwaljit Gill

October 21, 2018


Headers and Page Numbers

In Chicago style:

  • The title page does not include a header or page number (see sample research paper).
  • The second page (first page of text) includes a header with your surname and a page number (starting with the number one).
  • Subsequent pages include headers with your surname and consecutive numbers.

To insert your name and page numbers using MS Word 2007:

  • Click on the "Insert" tab on the toolbar.
  • In the "Header & Footer" section, click on "Page Number."
  • From the drop-down menu, choose "Top of the Page."
  • Move your mouse down to select "Plain Number 3."
  • A Header Bar will appear at the top of your page with the cursor on the right-hand side of the page in front of the number 1.
  • Type your last name.
  • Use the space bar to insert one space between your name and the number 1.
  • To ensure your title page does not have a page number, check the "Different First Page" box (the page number will disappear from the first page).
  • Click on "Close Header and Footer."
  • In the "Header & Footer" section, click on "Page Number."
  • From the drop-down menu, choose "Format Page Numbers...."
  • In the "Page Numbering" section, select the "start at" button. The number 1 should appear–change this to the number 0 and select "OK". This will ensure the first page of your text will start with the number 1.
  • Click on the "Header" drop-down menu and select "Edit Header".
  • In the "Options" section, select the "Different First Page" box.; This will make the header/number invisible on the title page and start with your first page of text.
  • Select the "Close Header and Footer" button to finish.