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Troubleshooting library e-resources

Tips for accessing Camosun Library e-resources such as e-journals, e-books, databases, streaming videos on or off campus.

Camosun proxy prefix

Camosun proxy prefix

Persistent links to Camosun's licensed e-resources should start with the following string of characters, known as our proxy prefix:

This prompts you to log in or authenticate via EZproxy using your Camosun domain account (C# + password).

TIP: If you are having trouble logging in to library databases remotely, check whether the link you are using includes the Camosun proxy prefix.

About permalinks

About permalinks

Permalinks (also called persistent links or stable URLs) point to specific articles, journals, ebooks, or search results within library research databases. They allow authorized users to access licensed resources on or off campus. Permalinks can be used within teaching materials, SharePoint, D2L, email or reference lists.

Basic permalink structure

[Camosun proxy prefix] + [database URL] + [unique resource ID or search string]


*Not all databases provide persistent links in the correct format. Be sure to TEST permalinks on and off campus before sharing them!  Please contact the library if you have questions.

DOIs and permalinks

A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a type of permanent link often used to identify articles in online journals. It is generally found at the top of the article itself, or within the citation or abstract. Some of our providers who use DOIs include: SAGE Publications, Oxford Journals Online, ScienceDirect, Springer, Wiley, and more!

If you (or your students) will be accessing the article off campus using a DOI, you will need to add the Camosun Library proxy prefix to the article DOI to allow proper authentication. The resource must also be configured in EZproxy. Contact the Systems Librarian if you have questions about a specific resource.

To create a link using a DOI:

  1. Copy the DOI provided for the article into your document.
  2. Add to the front of the DOI.
  3. Add the following string exactly as is (no spaces!) to the front of the URL:

The completed link should look something like this: