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Troubleshooting library e-resources

Tips for accessing Camosun Library e-resources such as e-journals, e-books, databases, streaming videos on or off campus.

Saving images from Artstor

To save a file to your computer so that you can insert the image into a term paper or a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Find the view that you want – zoom in, rotate, whatever – and use the Save button. Make sure that the file has the .jpg extension, or add that extension yourself.
  • When you save you end up with 2 separate files – a .jpg file of the image and an html file containing the text information. These 2 files are not linked, so deleting or changing one file does not affect the other file. The high resolution files take a half minute or so to download.

Artstor account

You do not need an Artstor account to download (save) a .jpg image from the Artstor database.

However, you will need an Artstor account to set up your own folder within Artstor, to use the Offline Image Viewer (OIV), or to access folders that someone else (i.e. your instructor) might have set up for you to use.

This is not connected to your other Camosun accounts.

System requirements