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Troubleshooting library e-resources

Tips for accessing Camosun Library e-resources such as e-journals, e-books, databases, streaming videos on or off campus.

Permalinks in Canada Commons (Canadian Electronic Library)

To find a permalink in the Canada Commons (Canadian Electronic Library) database:

  1. Search the Canada Commons database for an item of interest to you.
  2. Select a title to view the detailed item record.
  3. Copy the URL from the top of the address bar. red arrow points to URL at top of web browser



On campus
Off campus

To modify the permalink

Canada Commons ebook and document links do not follow the standard permalink format. If you are adding links to library resources in D2L or reference lists, modify them by following these steps: 

  1. Copy and paste the URL into a blank document in Notepad or Word.
  • Highlight the URL showing in the top of the web browser.
  • Ctrl + c (Windows) OR Edit > Copy
  • Ctrl + v (Windows) OR Edit > Paste
  1. On a new line of your document, copy or type the Camosun proxy prefix exactly as shown below:

  1. Next, add the publisher URL:

  1. Finally, add the document link (everything after 2443/ in the copied URL). For example:


  1. The resulting link should look like this:



Email or ask a librarian!

About permalinks

About permalinks

Permalinks (also called persistent links or stable URLs) point to specific articles, journals, ebooks, or search results within library research databases. They allow authorized users to access licensed resources on or off campus. Permalinks can be used within teaching materials, SharePoint, D2L, email or reference lists.

Basic permalink structure

[Camosun proxy prefix] + [database URL] + [unique resource ID or search string]


*Not all databases provide persistent links in the correct format. Be sure to TEST permalinks on and off campus before sharing them!  Please contact the library if you have questions.