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Teaching & Learning Resources at Camosun: Online & blended learning

Online & blended learning

Teaching and learning is increasingly happening in a virtual context. Whether your course is fully online or a blended model that incorporates some face to face and some online components, CETL's eLearning team is here to support faculty with the tools and pedagogy to make it an engaging learning experience for learners. Check out the links below for some great info, supports and resources.

Click here to request support  with educational technology, or to get a recording from recent workshops.

Click here to consult with an Instructional Designer about D2L course design, use of online teaching tools, assessment strategies, etc.

Featured resource

Wondering what "blended learning" looks like at Camosun? Check out the Blended Learning Perspectives blog for videos of Camosun instructors talking about their blended learning practice.

Blended learning resources

Many of us are wondering how to leverage our recent experience pivoting to online teaching and are exploring ways to integrate classroom and online learning.  If we use a blended model, how do we make the most of both the classroom and the online experience? How do we ensure we are altering rather than adding to student work? How do we match the delivery to the desired outcome? Below are a few resources that can help.