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Teaching & Learning Resources at Camosun: Welcome


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Camosun College is committed to teaching excellence. Through The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) a range of teaching resources and learning opportunities are available to instructors to support their pursuit of excellence in teaching practice, including:

This site is designed to build awareness of the resources available and make them easy to find. If there is a teaching and learning resource that you feel would benefit your peers, please contact CETL with your suggestion.

Captioning Campaign for MyMedia Course Videos!

Have you been busy creating reusable instructional videos and adding them to your My Media collection? Closed captions play an essential role for many students watching your videos. Let the eLearning team help you to make your course videos* more accessible and student-friendly by ensuring they include accurate closed captions. We have some funding to help you save time and get your captions done professionally! To request professional closed-captioning support, please submit this service request through our ticketing system: “I need help with Video Captions (REV)”. (*Some limitations apply. Contact Sue Doner in eLearning for clarification.)

2023 Teacher Recognition

Congratulations to 28 faculty from across the college who have been recognized for their contribution to teaching and learning. While nominations came from both Camosun employees and students, there was once again this year an overwhelming response from students. Their voices and stories highlighted some of the amazing work being done at Camosun to support student learning.

Read the inspiring testimonials from their nominators here.

The following faculty have been honoured for Innovation in Student Success: “Recognizing faculty who have gone above and beyond what was expected of them in promoting student success, by using engaging and flexible approaches to better meet the needs of all learners.”

  1. Andrea Durdle, Plumbing and Pipe Trades
  2. Arloene Burak, Psychology
  3. Brent McMillen, Medical Radiography
  4. Brooke Cameron, Biology
  5. Dan Reeve, Political Science
  6. Darren Hall, Plumbing and Pipe Trades
  7. David Armstrong, Hospitality Management
  8. David Raju, Biology
  9. Dianne Patterson, Health Care Assistant
  10. Emah Christiansen, Massage Therapy
  11. Gilles Cazelais, Math
  12. James Smyth, Plumbing and Pipe Trades
  13. Joanne Irvine, Management and HR Leadership
  14. Joyce van de Vegte, Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
  15. Katie Waterhouse, Anthropology
  16. Kendal Adam, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  17. Lynnea Jackson, English Language Development
  18. Matt Agbay, Business Statistics
  19. Meaghan Feduck, Education Assistant, Community Support
  20. Michelle Lysak, Accounting and Finance
  21. Nicole Kilburn, Anthropology
  22. Noreen Ortilla, Massage Therapy
  23. Pei Mei Chia, English Language Development
  24. Phil Vreugdenhil, Electronics and Computer Engineering
  25. Richard Burman, Mechanical Engineering Capstone
  26. Robin Fast, Community, Family and Child Studies
  27. Selena Hebig, Nursing
  28. Tony Vernon, Health Care Assistant-ESL

Teacher Recognition is an annual initiative of Camosun’s Teaching and Learning Council - a collaborative, peer-based, interdisciplinary group of faculty from across the college with a passion for advancing quality teaching and learning at Camosun, including advocacy, supports and strategies.

Sparkshops are here!

A “sparkshop” is a short, active-learning workshop facilitated in a department meeting on a topic targeted to the needs and interests of the group, such as:

  • D2L tools
  • assessment & rubrics
  • active learning
  • Indigenization
  • learning outcomes
  • groups and teamwork
  • territory acknowledgments
  • curriculum development
  • academic integrity
  • and more!

Contact to book your department sparkshop today!

Credit to Boise State University for the “sparkshop” name.

Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT in Higher Education

One of the hottest topics in education right now is the increased use of ChatGPT, and Artificial Intelligence in general, by students.  If you are curious, concerned, or just want to know more, here are some articles to get you started.  Then, feel free to contact anyone in CETL if you would like to talk more!

We want to hear from you!

CETL depends on the strength of our relationships across the college as we work together to support and enhance teaching and learning at Camosun. We welcome your feedback