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Assessment: Welcome

Understanding assessment

This guide is intended to provide you with some resources to help with student assessment. Our focus is on what is called "assessment for learning" (AFL). The consistent use of appropriate, principled and reliable assessments provides learners with clear feedback about their learning and their progress in a particular course or program, as well as information related to areas that need attention and further work.

Overall, the goal is to:

  • Improve educational outcomes for students
  • Enhance the quality of the student learning experience
  • Provide guidelines for supporting faculty to employ learning-centred assessment practices
  • Ensure alignment between learning outcomes, assessment and learning activities 
  • Reduce the potential for student complaints related to inaccuracy and/or inconsistency of course assessment(s)

Currently this guide provides information about basic test construction, but the site will soon be expanded to include resources related to:

  • group work
  • rubrics
  • alternative assessment
  • feedback
  • learning outcomes

...and more. So, stay tuned!

Guiding principles

Good assessment practice includes the following elements:

  • The central purpose of assessment is to improve learning and teaching
  • Assessment and feedback practices should reflect alignment between learning outcomes and teaching and learning activities
  • Assessment and feedback practices should strive to adhere to principles of Universal Design for Learning
  • Assessment and feedback practices should be transparent
  • Assessment and feedback practices should enable students to actively engage in their learning
  • Assessment and feedback practices should be informed by leading practices in assessment, curriculum, and instruction, as well as research on learning