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Assessment: Examples from electrical

Examples from the cognitive domain: Electrical

Cognitive Process

Sample Learning Outcome - Students will be able to…

Sample Assessment

Sample Instructional Activities/Learning Experiences


Identify methods of producing electricity

Describe electrical quantities in circuits

True/False questions

  • Lecture on methods of producing electricity
  • Videos showing various methods of producing electricity
  • In-class exercises/quizzes on electrical quantities in circuits


Describe structure of matter in relation to electric charge and current flow

Describe features of resistors and electrical meters

Matching items questions

Restricted response essay question

  • Students write descriptions of resistors and electrical meters and peer assess using instructor-generated rubric


Effectively install cables, fixtures and fittings

Think-Pair-Share with a partner about how to organize the list

  • Re-order procedure list quiz (students put a disordered procedure list into the correct order)
  • Students assemble a complete electrical circuit


Differentiate when to use grounding and when bonding following the Canadian Electrical Code

Write a report: explain the objectives of grounding and bonding

  • Construct a graph illustrating the positioning of overcurrent devices and the current path in a fault condition
  • Discuss with a partner how this relates to their electrical circuit


Validate the application of the Canadian Electrical Code in your circuit design

Make a list of the CEC rules you had to follow in your design

  • In groups of three, students explain the purpose of each rule they had to follow


Develop a guide for a similar installation

Design a flow chart showing each step of your new circuit installation.

  • Class discussion on the application of CEC rules pertaining to the two installations
  • Students share personal work experiences relating to similar installations