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IEEE Citation Style

Information for conference publications

The same basic rules apply for conference papers and proceedings as as they do for articles with minor changes to the publication title.

IEEE Format: Conference publications

Standard format for citation

Conference Paper in Print Proceedings:

[#] A. Author of  Paper and B. Author of Paper, "Title of paper," in Title of Published Proceedings: Proceedings of the Title of Conf.: Subtitle of conference, Month Date, Year, Location, A. Editor and B. Editor, Eds. Place of publication: Publisher, Year. pp. inclusive page numbers.

Conference Paper fom the Internet:

[#] A. Author of  Paper and B. Author of Paper,  "Title of paper," in Proceedings of the Title of Conf.: Subtitle of conference, Month Date, Year, Location [Format]. Place of publication: Publisher, Year. Available: Database Name (if appropriate), internet address. [Accessed: date of access].

Conference Proceedings:

[#] A. Editor and B. Editor, Eds., Title of Conf.: Subtitle of conference, Month Date, Year, Location (optional). Place of publication: Name of  Publisher, Year.

Conference Examples

Conference Paper in Print Proceedings:
[1] L. Liu and H. Miao, "A specification based approach to testing polymorphic attributes," in Formal Methods and Software Engineering: Proc.of the 6th Int. Conf. on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2004, Seattle, WA, USA, November 8-12, 2004, J. Davies, W. Schulte, M. Barnett, Eds. Berlin: Springer, 2004. pp. 306-19.

[2] S. Christensen and F. Oppacher, "An analysis of Koza's computational effort statistic for genetic programming," in Genetic programming: EuroGP 2002: Proc. of the 5th Euro.Conf. on Genetic Programming, April 3-5, 2002, Kinsdale, Ireland, J. A. Foster, E. Lutton, J. Miller, C. Ryan, A. G. Tettamanzi, Eds. Berlin: Springer, 2002. pp. 182-91.

Conference Paper from the Internet:
[3] J. Lach, "SBFS: Steganography based file system," in Proc. of the 2008 1st Int. Conf. on Information Technology, IT 2008, 19-21 May 2008, Gdansk, Poland [Online]. Available: IEEE Xplore, [Accessed: 10 Sept. 2010].

Unpublished Conference Paper:
[4] H. A. Nimr, "Defuzzification of the outputs of fuzzy controllers," presented at 5th Int. Conf. on Fuzzy Systems, 1996, Cairo, Egypt. 1996.

Conference Proceedings:
[5] T. J. van Weert and R. K. Munro, Eds., Informatics and the Digital Society: Social, ethical and cognitive issues: IFIP TC3/WG3.1&3.2 Open Conf. on Social, Ethical and Cognitive Issues of Informatics and ICT, July 22-26, 2002, Dortmund, Germany. Boston: Kluwer Academic, 2003.