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Library faculty services

Librarians provide a range of services to support teaching, learning, and research.

What we do

Librarians provide a range of services to support teaching, learning, and research. We collaborate with instructors to develop student-centered programming and collections.

Librarians are information experts – we assess the information needs of our patrons and create specialized materials and services (such as online research guides and information literacy classes) to meet these needs.

Librarians welcome opportunities to collaborate with instructors on a variety of projects, and to participate in departmental meetings or committees where library or information needs are discussed.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about what librarians do – or how we can partner with you.

A librarian for every subject

Librarians at Camosun work within assigned subject areas to provide both research support and instruction for specific fields of study and areas of expertise. We:

  • design and teach effective information literacy sessions to support your curriculum and learning outcomes
  • create online learning resources (research guides) tailored to your subject or course needs
  • provide assistance in selecting resources for your reading lists
  • consider suggestions for new materials for the collection
  • advise at meetings or on committees where library or information needs are discussed
  • collaborate with you on projects and/or research

Why Information Literacy Matters!

Information literacy goes much deeper than spotting the difference between "Fake News" and documented fact.

While at Camosun College information literacy skills will help students choose quality sources for research assignments!

After college information literacy improves your life and makes you a more informed citizen.

Strong Information Literacy skills help everyone:

♦ choose the best deal when buying a house or car;

♦ navigate a new city without their cell phone;

♦ understand financial and legal documents; benefits? mortgage? marriage? insurance claims?


Liaison Librarians

As faculty peers, subject liaison librarians can collaborate with instructors to develop student-centered programming and collections.

Please see below for detailed information about your individual subject liaison librarian and our areas of specialization. We look forward to working with you.

Not sure which subject librarian to consult?



Jacqueline (Jackie) McFarlan,  MLIS
Phone: 250-370-3630

Subject areas & specializations

Health and Human Services (Nursing, Practical Nursing, Health Care Assistant, Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Science, Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant)
Open Resources

Gwenda profile image

Gwenda Bryan, BA, MLIS
Phone: 250-370-3610

Subject areas & specializations

Sciences (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, Physics)
Environmental Technology, Geography
Math & Statistics
Integrated Library System & Database Administrator
Resource Discovery & Access
Technical Services Advisor

Margie profile image

‚ÄčMargie Clarke, BA, MLIS
Phone: 250-370-4533

Subject areas & specializations

Business (Accounting, Applied Business Technology, Economics, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Administration)
Sport (Exercise Athletic Therapy, Sport Management, Adventure Education, Massage)
Trades (all program areas)
Information Literacy Coordinator (Interurban)
Research Guide Administrator

Ally profile image

Alexandrea (Ally) Flynn, BA, BEd, MLIS
Phone: 250-370-4633

Subject areas & specializations

Communications (Comics & Graphic Novels, Digital Communication, Digital Production & Design, Creative Writing)
Technology (Civil, Computing, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science)
Media: all program areas

Photo of Robbyn Lanning

Robbyn Lanning, BFA (Hon), MA, MLIS
Phone: 250-370-3501

Subject areas & specializations

Humanities (Asia-Pacific Studies, Global Studies, History, Philosophy, Religion)
Indigenous Studies
• Music
Accessibility & Universal Design for Learning 
Indigenization & reconciliation 
CCspace institutional repository 
Engagement & promotion 

Patsy profile image

Patricia (Patsy) Scott, BSc (Hon), MLIS
Phone: 250-370-3606

Subject areas & specializations

Health and Human Services (Community, Family & Child Studies; Dental Assisting; Dental Hygiene; Early Learning & Care; Mental Health & Addictions)
Social Sciences (Criminal Justice, Political Science, Sociology)