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Open Education Resources

This guide includes resources and information about Open Education and Open Educational Resources


According to Tony Bates and others, Open Education is

  • education for all: free or very low cost school, college or university education available to everyone within a particular jurisdiction, usually funded primarily through the state;

  • open access to programs that lead to full, recognised qualifications. These are offered by national open universities or more recently by the OERu;

  • open access to courses or programs that are not for formal credit, although it may be possible to acquire badges or certificates for successful completion. MOOCs are a good example;

  • open educational resources that instructors or learners can use [and adapt] for free;

  • open textbooks, online textbooks that are free for students to use;

  • open research, whereby research papers are made available online for free downloading;

  • open data, that is, data open to anyone to use, reuse, and redistribute, subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share.

  • open access to scholarly work available for free online, typically through open access journals

Open Education at Camosun