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Library Policies


Posters & digital sign boards


There are no public bulletin boards in the library. There are other locations on campus for general posters.

If an event is held in the library consideration will be given to limited postering.

All requests must be submitted to

Posters hung without permission will be removed.

Digital sign boards

The primary purpose of the digital sign boards is for the display of information related to the Library and Learning Commons: hours of operation, policy reminders (cell phone use, computer use, login details, snacks and drinks etc.) and events held at the library.

Additional slides will be accepted only if there is sufficient time left in the slide loop after the library and learning commons slides have cycled through. Slides will be accepted when:

  • slide has a student-focused message
  • information is time-durated i.e. advertising a specific event or a message regarding a student deadline (e.g. register for grad, room in a class)
  • events featured must have a student or learning focus and be non-commercial

Slides must be submitted in a specific format one week ahead of the date required.   For more information and slide template, email the Assistant to the Director. The Assistant to the Director will consult with the Director of Learning Services to ensure compliance with the guidelines. Requests that fall outside the guidelines will be taken to the monthly learning commons partners meeting for discussion and approval.