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Academic Integrity Course

What is collaboration?

Collaboration means working together and sharing ideas and resources to achieve a common goal.

The Conference Board of Canada (2020) specifies working with others on projects and tasks as part of its employability skills list. Group projects, tasks, and assignments can be a good way to help students develop these skills. However, misunderstandings have arisen with who is able to work together, and how or if they can do so on particular assignments.

When permitted, students have the right to learn collaboratively with their peers or other community members when learning is facilitated through group learning

Examples of collaboration include:

  • group members completing projects together, assigned by their instructor
  • students forming study groups to prepare for tests and exams
  • if in doubt, ask your instructor!


However, there are circumstances where students are expected to produce work and demonstrate skills mastery or knowledge acquisition individually. In these circumstances, collaboration is not permitted.

What is collusion?

Collusion means working together when not allowed, supposed or directed to do so.

Examples of collusion include:

  • students working together on assignments that were assigned individually
  • giving or receiving test answers to or from other students


What can you do to avoid collusion?

                            You have the responsibility to complete assessments that are assigned individually on your own

                            Discuss collaboration, collusion, and academic integrity with your instructor and classmates

Ask for clear guidelines around collaboration from your instructor

Ask for examples of what you can and should do in group work from your instructor

Collaborate with classmates only when specified by your instructor, and only in the manner specified

Complete assessments and tests which are assigned individually on your own

Ask for help from Camosun supports (See Academic integrity supports page)

Unauthorized co-operation or collaboration/collusion

Camosun's Academic Integrity Policy describes unauthorized co-operation or collaboration/collusion as a violation of academic integrity. The policy outlines students' rights and responsibilities regarding collaboration and collusion.