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Academic Integrity Course

Registration instructions

The Camosun College Academic Integrity course is a self-registration course for students offered through D2L's Discover Tool. The course takes approximately 45 minute and includes a quiz. Upon successful completion students are awarded a digital badge that will appear on their D2L instance. To register for the course:


  • Login to D2L with your C# and password
  • From your D2L homepage click on My Tools > Discover
    • You must be on the D2L homepage, not on a course homepage, to see the Discover Tool
    • If you are using a handheld device click on the hamburger menu to see My Tools > Discover 
  • Click on the Academic Integrity at Camosun course
  • Click Enroll in Course and click OK
  • Click Open Course
  • Once in the course click on Content and then Start here to begin the course

*Note: Once you have registered for the course it will appear in your course gallery under "Training" or in the dropdown course list from the "course tile" at the top of the D2L page.

For student questions about the course or technical issues please contact

This course was created and is maintained by Librarians Margie Clarke and Patricia (Patsy) Scott. For questions about the content or management of this course please contact us directly:

Margie Clarke:

Patricia (Patsy) Scott:

Digital badge instructions

Once you have received a 100% on the quiz follow these instructions to get your digital badge:

  • From the Academic Integrity course homepage click on Awards
    • If you are using a handheld device click on the hamburger menu  to see Awards 
  • Congratulations! Once your award appears click Close the Dialogue Box
  • Click the Share icon to share the badge with your instructors (your current instructor as well as any future Camosun instructors can view your badge in their classlist)  
  • A Share My Award dialogue box opens. Click Share to Profile


You can also share this award with an individual instructor by sharing a link with them. Select the Create the link button and then Copy Link to grab the URL before you click Close


Share My Award screen shot

Faculty resources

Faculty Instructions for viewing a student's badge

Have you taken the course or integrated it into your class curriculum? We'd love to hear about it! Please fill out this short survey to help us understand how the course is being used by Faculty-- suggestions for improvement welcome!

Student Agreement via registration

Students who register for courses at Camosun are required to sign an Academic Integrity agreement as a part of the registration process. Below is a description of the process, a screen shot of where these agreements are found in student accounts, and the text of the agreement.


  • Students access the agreements through their myCamosun site by clicking their C# and Required Agreements link



  • Below is the text for the Academic Integrity agreement that students sign upon registration (current as of Dec 2 2022)

          To register, you must sign this agreement by clicking Accept below. This acknowledges you are aware of your Academic Integrity responsibilities. 
           All Camosun students must follow the expectations set out in the college's 
Academic Integrity Policy . Students must complete all work, study and assignments honestly, without cheating. This includes plagiarizing, lying, falsifying information, or receiving unauthorized help. 
     The Academic Integrity Policy also details the consequences of failing to meet these standards. Breaches of academic integrity can result in penalties -- for example, loss of marks or failing grades. Repeated or severe offenses may result in suspension. 
The college provides resources and supports to help you understand academic integrity. The best place to start is the 
Academic Integrity Online Guide. This guide provides real-life examples of what to avoid. It also suggests how to ensure you complete your work with integrity. 
           If you are unsure what plagiarism, cheating or misconduct are, ask your instructor. Or email:
           An instructor may require that you complete a short online course about Academic Integrity. To learn more about the course, email:
           I have read the college's Academic Integrity policy, and commit to completing my studies with honesty and integrity. 
           I will respect the standards set by my instructors and the college and I will be responsible for the consequences of my choices and actions.

Discover tool early access

Once students have access to D2L they can access the Discover tool and can register for the Academic Integrity Course, even if they do not yet have access to the course site of their registered classes.

Students have access to D2L approximately 30 days before the start of their classes if they are registered for at least one course.

Exceptions to this include:

  • waitlisted students who are not added to the system until they are fully registered in at least one course
  • students with missing information (for example a missing first or last name).