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McGill Guide to legal citation

About this guide


This guide offers a variety of examples for the type of legal sources commonly used in academic assignments. Examples are based on our interpretation of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 9th Edition or taken directly from the manual itself. The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation is commonly referred to as the McGill Guide hence the name of our guide.

You may be required to use a combination of APA Citation Style and McGill depending on the type of work you are producing for your instructor.

NOTE: Your instructor may have different citing expectations than the rules outlined in this guide. Please confirm with them that the citing rules you are following are appropriate for your class.

Some background for you

To locate official electronic versions for Canada and British Columbia use the following sites:

Commonly seen terminology & abbreviations in the following pages (for a full legal glossary see the BC Laws website)

c Chapter
cl Bill subdivisions are clauses: cl for singular; cls for plural
CRC Consolidated Regulations of Canada
SC Statutes of Canada
RS Revised Statute
RSC Revised Statutes of Canada
SI Statutory Instrument
SOR Statutory orders & regulations
Pinpoint Use a pinpoint to cite a specific part of the text. The pinpoint can be a paragraph (para), session (s), or sessions (ss)
Sess Session
Supp Supplement


Reference material

Thanks to Sheridan College Library for their willingness to share their McGill Style Guide content with us.