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COVID-19 Faculty Supports & Resources

How will exam accommodations work during COVID-19? (Summer 2021)

Although there will be a limited number of courses with face-to-face (f2f) components in Summer 2021, exams should mostly be delivered online using course delivery software (i.e. D2L, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra or other online method). If you setup your course delivery software correctly, the majority of basic accommodations for extra time and/or reader (i.e., a screen reader) can be accessed through it, so there is no need for a f2f exam or  invigilation through the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL). 

Universal Design and assessment considerations

Be as flexible as possible and avoid creating rigid or narrow time-based expectations for assignments, exams/quizzes or participation. Consider using an open-book assessment for all students. Consider that all students may not be able to equitably complete written course work, including written responses to quizzes/exams. Ensure you are using mobile- friendly formats including PDFs and D2L pages. For example, consider saving other files in two formats, its original application format and a PDF. To create more accessible PDFs, start with simple Word documents and save these in PDF format. For some technical guidance, see PDF Accessibility and Camosun’s new tool Ally for more info. If you are using Kaltura or YouTube videos, turn on captions.

How will exam accommodations be arranged? (Summer 2021)


Students who require academic accommodations at Camosun College due to a disability or ongoing medical condition must register with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) and release their Faculty Notification (of Academic Accommodation) Letter(s) each term to course instructors.

Roles and responsibilities of Instructors and CAL

Course instructors or academic department staff will be responsible for implementing basic accommodations for online exams. CAL staff will review submitted exam bookings and work with instructors to arrange more complex accommodations (including remote or face to face invigilation by CAL if necessary).

How will exam accommodations be arranged?

CAL will request students with exam accommodations to book their exams following the standard procedure using the CAL exam booking form a minimum of two weeks (or as soon as possible for Trades students) ahead of the scheduled exam, giving the Centre time to connect with an instructor to provide the information needed.

Some accommodations that may affect your course delivery:

  • Extra time allowance: If the assignments, assessments or exams have time limits, extra time or different completion date allowance may be granted for students who require accommodations.
  • Separate space environments: Unless the content is structured so that the whole class must complete on campus, it is the responsibility of the student to find a suitable space to write the exam.
  • Alternative formats of exam content (TextAid) : Camosun College provides a site license for screen reading software (TextAid) that can be used by students to read exams in D2L or in MS Word or PDF. If a student requires different alternate format materials, their instructor will be contacted by the Centre. Tutorial for setting up D2L for screen reading accommodations. 
  • Adjusted start time: Due to the impact of their disability or ongoing medical condition, some students may need to write exams at specific times of the day. Instructors may allow earlier exam access for the student. Students may be asked by their course instructor to sign a confidentiality agreement if they require this accommodation.
  • Use of Spell Check as an accommodation: Turn on special access features in D2L or other platforms to allow Spell Check or allow for spelling errors without penalty if it is not possible to do so. Tutorial to access the D2L Spell Check.   
  • Do not use Respondus LockDown Browser for accommodated exams as it will interfere with the assistive technology that students use (it will completely disable it).    
  • In exam situations where Respondus Lockdown Browser is being used,  you will need to create a separate version of the exam for accommodated students. Follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Decision Making Rubric for F2F Accommodated Exams (Summer 2021)

CAL is predominantly offering services remotely in Summer 2021, including accommodated testing for f2f courses. Exceptions exist, on a case-by-case basis, where there is absolutely no other way of assessing essential course requirements, except in a face-to-face in-person invigilated method. Supporting the safety of the student and the class as a whole is the overriding consideration - virtual exam methods will be explored.

Decision making around f2f requests will be done on a case-by-case basis by CAL exams Advisors in consultation with the course instructor identifying: What is the nature of the task or tasks that must be completed face-to-face at CAL during the exam that cannot be completed in another (i.e. virtual) way?

For exams that do not meet the criteria for CAL f2f invigilation, CAL will support course instructors through identifying technology and other methods.

Decision Making Dimensions


(i.e. your student uses a large power wheelchair in an exam environment that cannot accommodate 6 foot distancing)


(i.e. tools, equipment or materials are required to be used in the exam that are only available in a face to face exam environment).


(i.e. there is specific curriculum software and/or hardware used in the exam that is only available in on campus locations yet not available to a student with a disability who may need to write in a separate space from the class)


(i.e. there are physical tasks that must be completed during the exam that must be witnessed by the invigilator). 


(i.e. there is contiguous assessment then f2f instruction. Students do a quiz for 10 minutes at the beginning of the class then instruction immediately begins in classroom.)

Where can I get more information?

Assistance for exam accommodation set up is available from the CAL Exam Coordinators.  Email  with any questions. 

In Summer 2021, the CAL will not be providing in-person service. Academic accommodations consultation (with a CAL Instructor) will be done over the phone or using Microsoft Teams.

CETL's  eLearning team can assist with accessibility setups for D2L, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Kaltura course content.