Dismantling racism & oppression: Anti-racism & Social Justice

A guide for action

About this guide

This guide presents a selection of resources in support of all members of the Camosun community in their work to make actionable change to dismantle racism and work towards anti-oppression and social justice.

It is a work in progress and will be added to and expanded. If you have suggestions for anti-racist, anti-oppression, social justice, and other resources that are not yet part of our collection, please let us know by emailing your ideas to library@camosun.ca.

In gratitude 

We acknowledge and are grateful to our colleagues in Eyēʔ Sqȃ’lewen and other individuals across the college who have devoted many years of their time and expertise to cultural awareness, cultural competency, and anti-racism work. Thank you for your recommendations and feedback in creating this guide.

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