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How to Print - On & Off Campus:  


Where are the printers on campus?

  • Lansdowne - 1st floor of the Fisher building near the vending machines, and the Library (1st floor Alan Batey Library & Learning Commons)
  • Interurban - 2nd floor atrium in the CBA building, 2nd floor in the Tech building, and the Library (3rd floor of Liz Ashton Campus Centre)


Send your documents to a Camosun printer (cloud printing) from home or on campus

  • on campus using a desktop computer when choosing print on the computer, your documents will be sent to Camosun Cloud Printing (default on the printer)
  • on campus with a laptop or mobile device connect to the Eduroam network, log into your Papercut account, and use Webprint. Camosun cloud printing enables you to print on any publicly available printer on campus. For fuller instructions, please consult this PDF.
  • from home or on cellular data, connect to the VPN on a personal device and use Webprint to upload your document

How to get your printing from the printer on campus

  • go to any printer location listed above and log into the printer using your C# and Camosun password
  • either choose "print all" to print all of your documents or choose "print release" and select which documents to print 
  • print jobs are deleted from the cloud after 5 days
  • buy a top-up card for $2, $5, or $10 at the library services desk



How to use Web Print 

  • log into Papercut (C# and Camosun domain password)
  • select ‘Webprint’ on the left side of the screen, follow the instructions for uploading and submitting a job
  • select Camosun Cloud Printing