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Credo InfoLit modules

Summer 2022 updates and new content now available!

New content for Summer 2022 is available! See Summer 2022 updates box below

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Welcome to Credo InfoLit Core Information Literacy Modules

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​View the entire Credo InfoLit course including self-assessment pre-tests, post-tests, videos, tutorials and quizzes for all 10 modules, or view separate components from select modules.


If accessing these modules from off campus you will be prompted to login with your C# and password. 

Credo InfoLit Modules are updated with revisions and new content twice a year. If you have outdated links you may receive error messages.  If you would like to be notified of these updates please contact Patsy Scott, Librarian to be added to the updates mailing list.

Adding links to D2L

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Use the "Insert Stuff" option in your D2L course to direct students to the desired activity e.g. video, tutorial, etc.

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Summer 2022 updates

A new Information Ethics module has been created to bring together content from across the modules that is related to information ethics, including updated content on academic integrity. A new two part video tutorial called Academic Integrity, as well as an updated Information has Value tutorial are included. The Information Ethics module also includes the Plagiarism, Copyright, Digital Citizenship and Digital Privacy units moved from other modules.

  • The former Citations and Academic Integrity module is now called Citations and all the academic integrity content is now in the Information Ethics module. 
  • A new section titled Quiz: Information Ethics has been added to the Information Ethics module.
  • Tutorial: Digital Privacy moved to Information Ethics module from Presenting Research and Data (now named Presenting and Organizing Information).
  • Units on digital citizenship have been moved to the new Information Ethics module from the Culture and Citizenship module


In the Sources of Information module the videos and tutorials on primary, secondary and tertiary sources have been removed and replaced by the following unit:


In the Searching for Information module the following two units have been updated with new images and citation examples:


The Presenting and Organizing Information module is a name update to the former Presenting Research and Data modules. This module includes the following new or updated modules: