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Computer tips & tricks

Everyone has to learn the basics, so there's no need to be embarrassed. When you are stressed out your brain might blank-out on small tasks you've done a million times.

This is your source for specific answers related to computers, the internet, online research and the programs you are likely using to complete your assignment. Most links lead to video tutorials. Links to free and open sources alternatives are also provided. 

Universal Browser Short-cuts

Keyboard Shortcut  Action

Ctrl + Mouse-wheel Zoom in or out

F5  Refresh

Ctrl + F5  Refresh and reset the browser cache for the current page.

Alt + Left Arrow  Back

Alt + Right Arrow  Forward

Alt + Home  Return to Homepage

Escape  Stop

F6  Select the address bar (Alt+D and Ctrl+L also works here)

F11  Full-screen mode, exit full-screen mode

Home  Scroll to top of page

End  Scroll to bottom of page

Spacebar  Scroll down

Shift+ Spacebar  Scroll up

Page Down / Up  Scroll down / up

Ctrl + C  Copy selected text

Ctrl + X Cut (copy and delete original) text

Ctrl + V  Paste copied text

Go to full list at GroovyPost

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