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Camosun Authors: Welcome

About this guide

This guide has been guest-curated by author and Camosun English instructor, Laurie Elmquist.

Camosun College has many accomplished writers, editors, and illustrators. Their books sit on the library shelves, but we thought we’d bring them into the light and put them on display. You might be surprised at the range of topics: everything from West Coast cooking, cycling in Hanoi, to caring for our planet. Think of all the people who work at Camosun and you’ll understand why their stories and research have taken them into so many corners of the world. 

Camosun is a community of writers, and you are part of this community. If you are a writer yourself, discover what other students are writing and drawing. We’ve included a small sampling of comics created by Camosun students, but there are many more comics available in the library. In addition, Beside the Point is Camosun’s literary journal of student work. We hope you are inspired by the wide variety of books that have been written by people that work at Camosun. Maybe someday we’ll see your book on the shelf! 

- Laurie Elmquist, 2020

At home

Literature, reading, writing

Aldous Huxley: Selected Letters

James Sexton, 2007
Call number: PR 6015 U9 Z48 2007

Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing, 2nd Canadian edition

Laurie G. Kirszer, 2007
Call number: PE 1479 C7 K57 2007

Spotlight on Critical Skills in Essay Writing, 2nd edition

Carole Anne May, 2010
Call number: PE 1471 M39 2010

Thinking and Writing: A Guide to Paragraphs and Essays

Ray Bigauskas, 2006
Call number: PE 1408 B543 2006

British Columbia

Teaching & learning

Pulling Together: A Guide for Indigenization of Post-Secondary Institutions: Front Line Staff, Advisors, and Student Services, V.3

Ian Cull, Robert L.A. Hancock, Stephanie McKeown, Michelle Pidgeon & Adrienne Vedan, 2018

E-Learning Systems, Environments and Approaches: Theory and Implementation

Pedro Isaías, J. Michael Spector, Dirk Ifenthaler & Demetrios G. Sampson, 2015
Call number: LB 1028.5 E442 2015

Fundamentals of Public Relations and Marketing Communications in Canada

William Wray Carney & Leah-Ann Lymer, 2015
Call number: HF 5415.123 F85 2015

Journeys: Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Practices through Pedagogical Narration

Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Fikile Nxumalo, Laurie Kocher, Enid Elliot & Alejandra Sanchez, 2015
Call number: LB 1139.23 P32 2015

Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

Joyce Van de Vegte, 2002
Call number: TK 5102.9 V35 2002

First Nation's Students Talk Back: Voices of a Learning People, 2nd edition

Francis Adu-Febiri, 2004
Call number: E 78 C2 F557 2004

Learning for Success: Effective Strategies for Students, 4th edition

Joan Fleet, Fiona Goodchild & Richard Zajchowski, 2006
Call number: LB 1049 F48 2006

Emerging Technologies for STEAM Education: Full STEAM Ahead

Xun Ge, Dirk Ifenthaler & J. Michael Spector, 2015
Call number: LB 1060 E45 2015

Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory & Practice

Joep Cornelissen, 2014
Call number: HD 30.3 C667 2014

Fiction, stories, poetry

Biography & memoirs

Walk Like a Man: Coming of Age with the Music of Bruce Springsteen

Robert J. Wiersema, 2011
Call number: PS 8645 I33 Z89 2011

Sugar Ride: Cycling from Hanoi to Kuala Lampur

Yvonne Blomer, 2017
Call number: DS 522.6 B56 2017

Love, Hope, Optimism: An Informal Portrait of Jack Layton by Those Who Knew Him

James L. Turk & Charis Wahl, 2012
Call number: FC 641 L39 L68 2012

The Perfection of Hope: A Soul Transformed by Critical Illness

Elizabeth Simpson, 1997
Call number: RC 280 L8 S55 1997

Qui √Čtait Lucille Teasdale

Isabelle Gingras, illustrated by Guy Boucher, 2018
Call number: RD 27.35 T42 G56 2018

Tokyo Notes and Anecdotes: Natsukashii

Bruce L. McCormack, 2000
Call number: DS 822.5 M378 2000

Children & young adults

Ethics & social justice

Ours to Share: Coexisting in a Crowded World

Kari Jones, 2019
On order - coming soon!

Governance and Security As a Unitary Concept

Tom Rippon & Graham Kemp, 2012
Call number: JZ 5588 G68 2012

A Fair Deal: Shopping for Social Justice

Kari Jones, 2017
Call number: HD 60 J663 2017

The Canadian Personal Care Provider

Francie Wolgin, Julie French, Kate Smith, Angela Butt & Dianne Patterson, 2016
Call number: RA 645.37 C2 W65 2017

So Much for Democracy

Kari Jones, 2014
Call number: PS 8619 O5328 S6 2014

Comics & graphic novels

Lila and the Chickcharney

Rashad Cash, 2017
Call number: PN 6790 C36 C37 2017

Comic Calamities

Jazmyn Mari, 2013
Call number: PN 6790 C36 M37 2013

Aurora Borealice

Joan Steacy, 2019
Call number: PN 6733 S72 A97 2019

War Bears

Margaret Atwood & Ken Steacy, illustrated by Ken Steacy, 2019
Call number: PN 6727 A886 W37 2019

The Monster Sisters and the Mystery of the Unlocked Cave

Gareth Kyle Gaudin, 2019
Call number: PN 6733 G38 M66 2019

Harlan Ellison's 7 Against Chaos

Harlan Ellison & Paul Chadwick, colour by Ken Steacy, 2013
Call number: PN 6728 E45 A63 2013