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Teaching & Learning Resources at Camosun: Onboarding new employees

Onboarding new employees: Information links for chairs

At the Chair Development Event on August 27th 2020, a request was made for information on Onboarding New Employees.  The Organization & People Development (OPD) team has put together the following list of links to assist Chairs in finding and sharing information with new instructors. (printable PDF version included below)

  1. New Employee Portal
  • Employees will need to be able to log into SharePoint to access this site – so they need their C#
  • This portal provides all of the information that is contained in the New Employee Handbook in an electronic form with live links. 
  • The New Employee Toolbox within the portal provides links to events like the New Employee Welcome Event.

  1. COVID-19 Information
  • The main Camosun website has extensive information on COVID-19.  New instructors should look at both the Employee Resources and the Student Services tabs.
  • In addition, for WPL (Chairs), there is information about Remote Work Support on the Employee Tab that might be helpful.

  1. Human Resources Onboarding Information
  • Provides information, links and key steps to help Workplace Leaders (WPL) bring employees into their teams.

  1. Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)

  1. Camosun Intranet

The internal news of Camosun

  • Safe Start Camosun – Links to On-Campus Attendance Form & COVID-19 Safety Training
  • Rolling calendar of upcoming events
  • CamNews
  • General Around Camosun information
  • Links to Human Resources and other internal links to departments, services and information