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Open resources

About open access publishing

This page offers faculty at Camosun information on making research available in Open Access (OA) publications. These publishing venues  include:

Open Access Journals: Journals that make some or all content openly available on the Internet without a subscription.
Open Access Books: Books (or parts of books) that are openly available on the Internet.
Institutional Repositories: Archives of institutions' scholarly output.
Self-archiving: Pre-prints, post-prints, or published versions of research deposited in a publicly available online repository or personal website.

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Why open access publishing?

Published research findings are meant to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, encourage innovation, enrich education, and stimulate the economy – to improve the public good. Yet, too often, research results are not available to the broadest community of potential users. This has resulted in a call for a new framework to allow research results to be more easily accessed and used—a call for Open Access.

Who Benefits from Open Access?


  • Increases the visibility, readership and impact of author’s works
  • Creates new avenues for discovery in a digital environment
  • Enhances interdisciplinary research

Educational Institutions

  • Contributes to the core mission of advancing knowledge
  • Ensures all students have access to research, rather what they (or their school) can afford
  • Contributes to a better-educated workforce


  • Access to cutting-edge research encourages innovation
  • Stimulates new ideas, new services, new products


  • Provides access to previously unavailable materials relating to health, energy, environment, and other areas of broad interest
  • Creates better educated populace

* Content on this page has been copied and adapted from Why Open Access? (SPARC)

Publishing OA journals

The following links provide information on publishing research in Open Access journals.