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Copyright guide for Camosun College: Coursepacks

What is a Coursepack?

Books HD by Abee5, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Abee5 
Coursepacks are sold through the Camosun bookstore on a cost-recovery basis. To ensure your coursepack is ready at the beginning of semester you are advised to submit your materials early. All coursepacks will need to be checked for copyright compliance BEFORE they are printed. Faculty will be asked to adhere closely to submission deadlines in order to ensure that students don't experience increased wait times for their materials.
Coursepacks consist of four types of material:
  • material you or your Camsoun colleagues have created
  • material that is in the public domain
  • open resource that holds a Creative Commons license
  • published material where the copyright is held by its creator

 Any work included in a course pack must carry a full and correct citation and the Copyright statement attached to it by the provider.  Visit the library's citation guide for assistance.

These types of material are handled differently.  Refer to the table to the right for a list of these different materials.  

Use of Copyright Form

  • Fill out one form per copyright protected work you wish to use.
  • These forms will need to be re-submitted each time you use the materials in a coursepack.
  • Coursepack requisition forms are avaialble at the Camosun Printshop

If you have any questions feel free to email

Creating a Citations Page?

In addition to providing a full citation on the excerpt, article etc. you must submit a list of all materials you have not created (e.g. copyrighted, public domain, creative commons).

This list should be the first sheet in your coursepack. Produce the list in your preferred citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago etc).

If you didn't write it-cite it!

Download the following documents for your coursepack:

Alternatives to Paper Coursepacks

Consider alternatives to paper coursepacks:

  • Provide links within your D2L course site or from the library reserve system to copies of articles within library databases
  • Use open education resources

Submission Due Dates


             MARCH 15th


             MAY 15th (JUNE 5th - 2021 Fall)


             OCTOBER 15th


Ready to submit your coursepack?  View the coursepack submission checklist to ensure everything is ready.

Material Definition Forms Required Citation list Notes
Instructor created material Lecture notes, course outlines, lab manuals etc. that you or your deparment colleagues have created
  1. Coursepack requisition form from the Printshop
Not required

It is appropriate to cite  the use of software programs when creating images.

 © Corel Draw

Public Domain    Material where the author has been deceased for 50 years or more (e.g. Stephen Leacock died in 1944 his works entered the public domain in 1994).
  1. Coursepack requisition form from the Printshop
  2. Use of copyrighted materials form


Creative Commons License   

An open resource which has been published with a Creative Commons license.Creative Commons License

  1. Coursepack requisition form from the Printshop
  2. Use of copyrighted materials form



Ensure you are adhering to the terms of the specific CC license

Copyrighted material short excerpts

A short excerpt is defined by the college's fair dealing guidelines.

  1. Coursepack requisition form from the Printshop
  2. Use of copyrighted materials form


Copyright notice stickers are available in the Printshop or from the Copyright Advisor

Copyrighted material that exceeds short excerpts definition

An article or excerpt that exceeds the limits of fair dealing

  1. Coursepack requisition form from the Printshop
  2. Use of copyrighted materials form


If you wish to use material that is not a short excerpt, contact the Copyright Advisor who will secure permissions for you.


  If you have any questions or need clarification please contact YoungKyu Joo at 3611 or OR

Using Images

Most of images on the Internet are copyrighted that means you have to follow the same rules as other copyrighted materials when you use images on your course packs. Please follow the suggested procedures on "Cousepacks" on the column above. 

Here's little more details when you use images from the Internet. 

  • Fill up Use of Copyright Materials form for each images you will be using (one form per work). Please provide a permanent address of each images. Google search results are not a permanent address. 
  • Please add a Photo Credit Line under the every images on your course packs, as part of the caption or elsewhere in the page. For example, 
    • © Corel Draw
    • Photo by John Doe
    • Image courtesy of the Library of Congress
  • List the permanent addresses on the List of copyrighted material pages. 

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact YoungKyu Joo at 3611 or OR

Coursepack Submission Checklist

When you are ready to submit your coursepack for printing. You must include:

  • A clean copy of all the material you want printed
  • Citation/Attribution list of copyrighted materials OR
  • Table of contents with detailed copyright materials (your choice)
  • Use of Copyright Materials form for each article, book excerpt you will be using (one form per work)
  • A completed Bookstore Coursepack Requisition Form

Please remember-you CANNOT charge a department royalty if you have material in your coursepack that was created by someone else. Only coursepacks that contain 100% original work can apply a department royalty. This includes charts, tables and diagrams.

Also, you CANNOT re-format, re-type or otherwise alter a copyrighted work without the express permission of the copyright holder.