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Zoom basics

Top level options

Once you launch a meeting you have ever more options available.  Click on the green shield icon in the top right corner.  This will open a pop-up box where you cog icon on the right corner of the pop-box.  Click on the cog to open the meeting options.  

Some options to note include:  


  • Dual Monitors 
  • Always show meeting controls 
  • Show my connect time


  • Gallery view (up to 49 participants)  Note: your computer's  CPU may only allow up to 25 video feeds.  See article on Video Feeds at the Zoom Help Centre
  • Adjust for low light 
  • Filters and backgrounds 

Meeting Options (Zoom Information Centre) 

Meeting toolbar

Once your meeting is launched the toolbar at the bottom of the screen will help you manage your meeting/class.  Beside most of the icons is ^ symbol.  Clicking on this symbol opens up the options found in the cog icon typically used before a meeting starts. 

From right to left the toolbar includes: 

Mute  –  clicking on the icon turns your mute on or off.  Clicking on ^ allows you to change your microphone and speakers and other audio settings.

Video –  clicking on the icon turns your camera on or off.  Clicking on ^ allows you to change your camera, choose a background and other video settings. 

Security –  this option allows you to lock a meeting, enable a meeting room and determine if participants can use tools such as screen sharing, chat, rename themselves, unmute themselves

Participant  –  click on the ^ to invite additional participants to the meeting you are in 

Screenshare –  Click on the icon to open the screenshare function and the associated annotation tool. Once your start screensharing the toolbar moves to the top of the screen.  Click on the ^ to  allow participants to share their screens. 

Reactions –  share an emoji with the meeting participants

More...  –  Click here to set up breakout rooms and start recording.