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Summer Reads 2019:  

Thoughts on summer reading

My dad used to say some of his best summer experiences were reading by the light of a Coleman lantern outside on warm summer nights. I share his love of reading and the joy of reading outside. For me, the ultimate summer reading experience is reading on my verandah chaise-lounge at sunrise, with the birds singing their chorus to the words on the page.  

Key to my reading is having lots of choice. My house is littered with stacks of books, mostly borrowed from the public library. I fill the gaps with serendipitous choices. I stop at every free little library I pass and usually find something to pique my interest. I pick up books others leave behind in hotels, campgrounds, on park benches. My bookcases offer up favourites I like to dip into over and over again. I'm always on the prowl for book suggestion so I take photos  of covers in bookstores and book reviews from magazines I scan. And, there are a number of book websites I visit regularly to keep current with what's new in publishing. I most frequently visit: 

  • NYTimes Books : no fake news here, for decades the NYTimes has been the leader in book reviewing
  • CBC Books : CBC does an excellent job of aggregating the discussions and reviews of books featured across all its radio shows. 
  • Library Reads  and  Loan Stars  : The US and Canadian version of monthly lists curated by librarians. The lists reach beyond the bestsellers, books often overlooked by CBC and NYTimes
  • LItHub : Features, reviews, lists, a serious reader 's dream
  • NPR's Book Concierge: hands down the best and most comprehensive "best book" list. Beautiful and engaging interface, allows for creative browsing

Each book title listed below, includes a link out to these sources.  I hope these sources enrich your summer reading experiences!